Thank you for standing with us this legislative session: JUST KIDS The Just Kids Campaign

Thank you for standing with us this legislative session.

We know that one day, Maryland will stop automatically charging youth as adults and end a practice that continues to jeopardize the safety of our communities and harm our young people. Youth will be held accountable in the juvenile justice system and Maryland will be better for it. Unfortunately, that will not happen this year. SB 215/HB 471 was not voted favorably out of the Senate or House committees this legislative session.
As one of our advocates, Eileen Siple, stated in her Baltimore Sun op-ed earlier this year, “Children deserve the best that we have to offer. Committing a crime does not make a child an adult. Children should never be defined as the worst thing they have done, and, in fact, should be given every opportunity to be successful. We must do all we can to ensure that these kids will one day be good neighbors and citizens.”
Thank you for your letters, testimony, calls, and conversations. Legislative session may be over for SB 215/HB 471, but keep fighting with us. Make sure you follow CLIA’s Just Kids Campaign on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest stories, news and Events.

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