Former Attorney General Holder Urges Action on Racial Issues Under Trump

Photos by Stell Simonton

Panel members discussed their fears about the Trump administration’s impact on African Americans, including police violence against young men of color. From left are Doug Blackmon, DeRay McKesson, Eric Holder, Elizabeth Hinton, Michael Eric Dyson and Cedric Alexander.

ATLANTA — Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had some words of advice on Wednesday that could have come from a youth worker’s toolkit.




Teens Remain Squarely in Crosshairs of NYC Law Enforcement, Panelists Say
Paula Clarke thought the country was under attack. Groggily wiping the sleep from her eyes, she felt the house shake as a SWAT team with automatic rifles tore through the front door and charged into her Bronx home.

Juvenile Judges Council Not Sure What to Expect Under Trump Administration
The fate of the authorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act during the Trump administration is up in the air, according to judges at the National Conference on Juvenile Justice, held this year in Manhattan.

Continuing a Community Activist’s Lifelong Work in Harlem
Steve Ice Waters was a kid when his family moved to Harlem from Los Angeles in 1980. Harlem was beginning to see the early signs of what would become a crack epidemic.

How Our Roller-Coaster Juvenile Justice System Began
Juvenile justice in America is akin to a roller coaster ride — when it goes up, it always goes down, and with kids screaming.

Before Learning Coping Skills, Juveniles Must Be Taught to Control Their Body
Adolescents involved in the juvenile justice system are commonly referred to mental health services in order to address the behaviors that led them to legal involvement in the first place.


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