Passing the Gift Along

Passing the Gift Along

By Prison Fellowship | Posted August 11, 2014

Michelle and her daughter.

No one has to tell Michelle what prison can do to a family; she’s lived it. Her mom went to prison when Michelle was 15 years old.

But Michelle also knows that broken families and shattered dreams can be restored – like hers were through Angel Tree.

Lonely Christmas, Shattered Dreams

She’d already spent one lonely Christmas without her mother, and another was just around the corner.

Presents were out of the question, and Michelle was worried. She was the oldest. Her brother and sisters were counting on her. With both mom and dad out of the picture, she’d become the parent in the family.

It was a heavy burden for a teenager to bear.

Sometimes she’d lie awake at night and think about what might have been. Michelle had dreamed of going to college. Now, in her…

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