“So Long as Little Children are Allowed to Suffer…” Isidore Duncan

“So long as little children are allowed to
suffer, there is no true love in this world.”

– Isidore Duncaniwbo02-1305-245_4FNLjp



Ransom & Mitchell – exhibitions – 1

Translation: “Egy olyan világban…” means;

 “in those a world…” This title is not the origin given by the Artist!

Is a title written in Hungarian language and means; in a world where a child sitting – alone – in a dark, little room, where a figure from a phantasy-world is flying, hurrying. through the Scene. through the room …the Little Boy is watching an artificial world (TV) not Aware the imaginations in the room where he is only a part of a Little Corner, neglected.

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3 thoughts on ““So Long as Little Children are Allowed to Suffer…” Isidore Duncan

    1. wrote some words into Your comment-line.
      By the way, i had forgotten to mention, i found yOUT ART-WORK in an Hungarian
      Facebook-account. I want to Point out – perhaps You are interested in to know it – that
      the Person positioned Your Picture in her account, wrote:NOT_ ON THIS WORLD; NOT IN THAT WORLD, SHE WROTE “IN THOSE WORLD” means in a world far away but so real, in a NOW-TIME – watch this Little Boy: SO HIDDEN, so alone – watching a medium – so unreal, an Illusion…
      it´s really a wonderfuö ART-WORK
      thank You
      Annamaria Curi56 blog

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