The face of a child…watch with tears: “I will make things right by living a good and honest life.”

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12 thoughts on “The face of a child…watch with tears: “I will make things right by living a good and honest life.”

    1. This is, what I desire: to Show what children are suffering.
      Watching These two faces of one child = my DESIRE that humans
      could see & understand how we “handle” our children if/when
      they Permit a big fault:
      This child and other humans in prisons,I am sure, regret
      a Million times their deeds…
      Each human stays a human – till his/her last breath!
      I feel so sorry for Little Gingerich, I only can
      live with this sorror when I write about!
      Thank You for reposting,commenting etc.

      1. Annamaria, your courage to deal with the misery in this world is admirable! It is so much easier to close one’s eyes and ignore… but then again, I think it is a mechansim of self-protection and survival not to let everything get to us, especially regarding those things we cannot influence. Keep on the good work – even if you succeed in creating awareness in only an additional few people, it will be worth it. Hugs, Heila

    1. Please, may i ask you to enlarge the second photograph?
      it´s seems so important for me that we could see the
      difference between These “two” faces – and Paul´s words.
      Second Foto Shows a broken life, a broken childhood, …
      Shows Regression in ist deepest form.

      1. Thank You; only one ask:
        Please, Show both photos : only this way we could see
        the brutal consequences of a “life” in prison – a child in prison for adults.
        If You Need more Information, please, go into “childreninprison” here or
        ask me….

  1. Hello, Anna Marie Have re-done the post as new also added link to open at your page ,could not enlarge photos in Reblog but hope this looks better – also this will hit Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter sites x 7 and also others. You can view post at should you like to add anything to the body of the post, please let me know always willing to feature Guest Posts. Regards, Ian

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