Sara Kruzan`s friend, Carrie Christie, says THANK YOU!

                                            Victory! My friend Sara Kruzan was granted parole by Gov. Brown, setting her free after being sentenced to life in prison for killing the man who trafficked and abused her for years.                                          

Annamaria — 

On October 17th, I started a petition asking Gov. Jerry Brown of California to grant my friend Sara Kruzan parole. Sara has been incarcerated since she was 16 years-old for killing the man who forced her into commercial sexual exploitation as a young girl, and the Governor was set to make a decision on her case by the end of the month.

But then something incredible happened — you and more than 250,000 people signed my petition, and within ten days it won! Governor Brown announced on Sunday that he would grant Sara parole!

This victory for Sara has been years in the making. In 2010 Gov. Schwarzenegger commuted her sentence after an incredible amount of public pressure. On January 18th of this year, Sara’s sentence was reduced to second degree murder and she was fast-tracked to parole, but she still needed the Governor to sign off. After months of organizing support for her, my petition (and your signature!) added the extra support needed to show the Governor that people believe Sara shouldn’t have to suffer for her crime, or as a victim, any longer.

I am so happy to know that Sara will finally be free after serving almost two decades in prison for escaping a horrific life of sexual abuse. I can’t wait to give her a big hug and show her the hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who took action after hearing her story.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Carrie Christie


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