“Why did they shoot me?”

Juvenile In Justice


Juvenile-In-Justice: Why did they shoot me?

“Someone was shooting at me ten days ago. They got me in the hand. Bullet went from my thumb out through my pinky. They had to take a piece of my hip to replace the bone in the hand. It’s my right hand. My first time I was here was when I was 14 for firearm possession and obstruction. Been here five times since. Now I’m here for cutting my bracelet…PV. I also violated because I ran and got a new tattoo. I was on the run from the law and charged with something like “tampering with technology.”

I guess I would be described as affiliated with a gang….because I am a gang member. The Traviesos or TVs. That’s what my Tattoo says. In English it’s “rascals.” This is the first time I got shot. But I’m alive, so it’s all good. I realized they were shooting at us when I saw the ground in front of us light up with bullets Wyandotte_KS-4Why did they shoot me? I don’t have a clue. It was four in the afternoon on May 22 and I was with two other of my homies. I was in Argentine [a neighborhood of Kansas City.]

One kid was shot in the leg, the other in the leg and the arm. It wasn’t really a drive by—yeah they were in a car but they were sort of behind us. I realized they were shooting at us when I saw the ground in front of us light up with bullets and the bullets hitting the fence behind us. My Dad visits. My Mom doesn’t visit me. She doesn’t have custody. My dad started taking care of me since I was little. I have one brother who is 14.

He is under house arrest. I don’t go to school. I was going until I was 14 then it was stop and go. Nothing there interested me except the girls. There were lots of fights at school.”

-S.W., age 17, Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention Center Wavatar


4 thoughts on ““Why did they shoot me?”

  1. I’m glad that at least he’s not in an adult prison — in New York, they put a lot of juvenile felons in state prison with adults, which I think is idiotic. I met a 16-year-old when I was in prison. It is mind-boggling to me that ANYONE can think that introducing someone to the world of adult prison when they are at such a key developmental age is going to help anything in the long-run. It sets up for a life of recidivism.

    1. I blogged the article You wrote again – it is important
      that People know what happens in prisons, and more,
      what happens to children in prisons, and most,
      what happens to children & youth in adult prisons.
      https://childreninprison.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/solitary-confinement-no-place-for-children-evil-children-petition/ or
      If You read the lines there perhaps You´ll find a lot of those You used for Your
      Thank You for sharing Your thoughts…

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