Some Thing is growing: the FEAR


I have seen a number of “bloggers” causing trouble on Twitter lately. I was a victim of their persistent trolling. I’m going to be writing in the future about these particular people and groups. Many of these conservatives trolls have criminal records. Domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, being a repeat offender. Please keep in mind that these same people pledge that they are devout Christians that follow the will of their God.

These people on Twitter are not interested about the Kaitlyn Hunt case – a local case about a 18 year old senior dating a 14 year old freshman.  The estimated difference in their ages is about 3½ years. Kaitlyn Hunt was in varsity sports where she meet “C. Smith”.  A relationship ensued.  Just as on a daily basis, many relationships blossom and then die, off and on, in high school. I think the conservatives here in town, including…

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