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  1. I’m sorry but I honestly believe that if your son-grandson was innocent, why didn’t he call the police when he had realized that a life had been taken? Why didn’t he write down his own version of what happened and submit it to his attorney? Why didn’t he try and do ANYTHING? It can be argued that he tried. Well in any case, not hard enough to prove his innocence.
    My heart goes out to you and your family it really does. But is it fair to Cassie Jo Stoddarts parents to never ever again see their daughter. Over something that was done, believed to be a prank, then ask that all that happens is a slap on the wrist to the people that did it by just some jail time, released on probation and complete some community service? Does that equal out to be good enough punishment for murder?
    If the roles were reversed you know as well as anyone that you, as parents and grandparents, would not settle for anything except the max penalty available. I sympathise with you. I really do. However you have a living child. No, he is not where you think he should be. But he is still alive.
    The victim’s family can not say the same thing, EVER.

    1. thank you for your words: it is very difficult to discuss. we have no death Penalty in my Country: I am glad about!
      a Person, which came very early into prison and is awaiting a lifelong Penalty has no Chance for a new beginning, for hope, for a life in freedem.
      i believe in repentance and where i am living, they also do.
      we have to watch sociological influences, too, not only individual – could write a lot more –
      but perhaps you´ll take time to read sometimes my Blogs to see more…
      thank you;

  2. How about the video tape where they planned the murder. Where they said they failed 8 or 10 times in prior planned murders? How about where they confessed on the video to killing her after the killing took place? Ignoring evidence is still ignorance.

    1. please, watch that Report again: i moved it to trash – too much & too great doubts there
      thank you for “correction”
      annamaria curi56 blog-maker

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