Curtis Hill Just Spent Over $2 500 000 of Indiana Tax Dollars – ON WHAT?

Tuesday September 17, 2013 — Now that we know the actual sentences in this case we have re-calculated the costs of this case.  It is even more money than our largest estimate in this post.  — Read our new article: It Will Cost Taxpayers at least 3.1 Millions to send the Elkhart 4 to Prison

Hey Indiana you are about to pay a lot of money to send 4 boys to prison for at least 45 years each . . . 4 boys who did not murder anyone, in fact the victim was their friend.   The boys did not shoot the fatal bullet, but now they will pay a huge personal price.

The Republican Prosecutor of Elkhart County Indiana, has just committed tax payers to over $2 500 000 in prison expenses.  Well actually he has committed the Indiana tax payers to pay at least $2 668 140 over…

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4 thoughts on “Curtis Hill Just Spent Over $2 500 000 of Indiana Tax Dollars – ON WHAT?

  1. Thanks for re-posting my post. The case of the Elkhart 4 is such a tragic example of a system not caring and not taking juvenile issues into account when charging and punishing. Even worse is the fact that at trial in August 2013 even the state admitted that these boys did not pull the trigger that killed their friend and there was no intent in the murder. But they all were found guilty of first degree murder. The felony murder rule needs to be change. Thanks again for your support.

    1. I am suffering when I hear from “cases” like Elkhart 4.
      The only way I could act or help is, to publish them
      on social-media – and to send e-mails to People I hope
      they would help!
      and now I am starting to sign Petition(s) and crosspost it/them.

    2. Just blogged that important article, You mentioned.
      It is such a Drama happened there and this Drama
      is going on and on..
      But we don´t give up to fight for children in shadow & in prisons

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