Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System in Texas


Texas State Senator John Whitmire, spoke with more than 150 juvenile justice leaders and congressional members to brief about the School Discipline Consensus Project and to discuss actions to improve outcomes for youth who are removed from their school for disciplinary reasons. Youth that are involved in disciplinary actions in school resulting from suspension run the risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system as well. Senator Whitmire and others wish to help improve and reverse the status quo of high suspension rates for minor offenses. If they are success the State of Texas will be saving millions of unnecessary spending and stop the youth from being robbed of their chance of fulfilling their dreams in life. In recent years, Connecticut, Texas, and Ohio have led the way by adopting bipartisan approaches to reducing their reliance on juvenile confinement and employing community-based approaches proven to produce better recidivism and youth…

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