How Would Canada Deal With the Elkhart Four?

There is no room for hope, not only for a second …
I am sick Hearing from bringing children & juvenile in prison – for ever

As you can tell from my last post, the case of the 4 boys from Elkhart Indiana convicted of murder when they did not shoot the gun has greatly concerned me.  I place full responsibility for this miscarriage of justice on Elkhart County  Prosecutor Curtis Hill.  Mr. Hill has made decisions that will destroy the lives of Levi Sparks, Blake Layman, Anthony Sharp and Jose Quiroz.  Mr. Hill stated “People breaking into homes when there is someone there or someone not there, it has to stop and from our stand point we are going to use every available measure under the law to stop it.1

I think that Mr. Hill is destroying the lives of  these four boys to appear harsh on crime to get re-elected.  The truth is it will probably work for him.  After the boys are sentenced he will not give them another thought…

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