Torey Adamcik, claiming his innocence, tried as Adult. Parents and Grandmother ask desperatelly for help!


Tried as Adults

About Torey Adamcik

Torey Adamcik was born on June 14, 1990. He is a middle child, with a sister who is two years older than he and a brother who is two years younger. He has always been a cheerful child, happy-go-lucky with a wonderful smile and a creative spirit. Everyone that meets him likes him!

Torey has always done well in school. He has a learning disability but he’s worked very hard to overcome it. He has never failed a class and does outstanding work. He loves school and learning and was looking forward to college. He has had the same friends since elementary school and has always been well liked and respected as a friend and student.

He comes from a tight-knit family who are very close and loving. He had an aunt and uncle live next door as well as his Grandmother. His faith has always been an important part of his life. He was involved in scouts, and loves camping, biking, bowling, music and movies. He loves being with his friends and family.

When Torey was two years old, he started building with tinker toys. He had a natural talent and by the time he was in the third grade he was building roller coasters out of K’NEX by himself, and the K’NEX ball factory. He made his own designs and was thinking of being an architect. When he was in the sixth grade he got his first movie camera and from then on he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up – a movie director! Torey has always loved movies and dreamed of going to film school at UCLA. Torey made many movies with family and friends. He wrote and directed as well as acted in them. These are some cherished family mementoes. He also acted in movies that friends of his were making.

Torey has always loved animals. He has had a variety over the years. He has a dog and a cat that he loves and misses very much. He loves his family. He always took care of his Grandmothers lawn and worries about her getting along without him. He had never hurt anyone, has never wanted to. He is very sociable and loves people. His family just wants him home. Please help us.

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  If you want to send a letter of support, encouragement, etc.
  Torey his address is:
  Torey Adamcik 86328 I C I 0 Unit C 2, 381 W. Hospital Drive,
  Orofino, ID, 83544, USA.

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